Posted by Kpop News Reporter on 1/2/2017

S.E.S individuals shared their contemplations about their rebound and 20th anniversary.

On December 30, individuals from the original young lady bunch, S.E.S uncovered their contemplations about their gathering for their 20th anniversary show and rebound in a question and answer session.

Eugene shared, "It has been a very long time since we have all stood on stage since our concert in 1998. I am having fun and very touched. I have dreamed of meeting my fans after we disbanded and it is very meaningful to me. I feel overwhelmed whenever I think about seeing my fans fill up the concert venue. I am looking forward to the concert.”

She added, “I really did not want to cry today."

She included, "I truly did not have any desire to cry today."

"It is a 'Dreams Come True' that S.E.S had come together once again. I thank all of the fans who have waited for us. Let us all be happy together," Bada remarked. She additionally shared, "I have cried a great deal of times in the holding up room today. Tears went to my eyes after I saw the shading purple," alluding to the gathering's fan club shading.

Shoo then uncovered, "I have felt that time is valuable after I bringing up my kids. I was truly happy that I worked with the individuals once more. I surmise that many individuals were upbeat when they heard that we were making our rebound at the end of the day."

In the mean time, the gathering has as of late made their rebound with the computerized single, "Love[story]" as a component of SM Entertainment's SM Station. They are additionally set to discharge a rebound collection on January of 2017.

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